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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - Jon Galvez, V.P. of Operations for JG International Freight Corp., Inc. - Board Member of the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association (LAACA), heads the Commitee for the LAACA for TSA Relations in regards to Freight Forwarders.  In doing so, JG International, stays up to date and fresh on all rules and regulations enacted by the TSA. 

JGI has great open communication, on a regular and frequent basis, with the TSA and is well aware of how to participate in securing our nation in this post:9-11 era.  We promise to continue to be innovative and efficient in our freight forwarding services; while still making sure to protect the saftey of our country.

JGI works to continually improve and show our commitment to our customers, vendors, and people of the world.

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Magaya May Newsletter

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The Magaya team writes:


Welcome to the May 2011 Magaya Insider. Check out one the new features in version 8.0 of Magaya software: The new Profit Reports show you how much each one of your customers is contributing to the overall profit of your company. You can also see how much each salesperson brings in and how much each agent generates.
Our case study this month showcases JG International. Like many freight forwarders, JG International has a small staff and a busy schedule. See how they use the Magaya Cargo System to help them manage their exports from Los Angeles to the Philippines and other locations.

To see the May 2011 edition of The Magaya Insider, please click on the link below.
If you would like to forward The Magaya Insider to a friend or colleague, please do so.
Thank you in advance for reading The Magaya Insider. We welcome any comments and news from your organization. For comments, suggestions or news, please send them to marketing@magaya.com.
The Magaya Insider Team

Export Compliance – Who’s Job is it Anyway?

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Recently reading an update email from an Export Compliance expert and felt I should share:

Export Compliance – Who’s Job is it Anyway

When you ship domestically, you provide some basic information to your service provider, such as number of pieces, weight, dimensions, where it’s going, etc.  And let’s not forget that hazmat information.
When shipping internationally, many exporters know their Schedule B number, but a surprising number have never even heard of an Export Control Classification Number, or ECCN, let alone know how to determine if their product requires a license.  Some freight forwards would rather not pressure their customers for this information, for fear of losing the business, and just blindly assume that a license is not required.  This is dangerous.  You could potentially be exporting without a required license.  The fine?  $250,000.  Push blame onto the forwarder?  Not likely.

Really good freight forwarders will gently question their customers.  If your freight forwarder is asking you questions like this that you don’t know how to answer, should you go to another forwarder who "just handles it"?  If so, go back to the previous paragraph.
So, just who is responsible for export information, and ultimately for export compliance?
Although their regulations vary in wording, all of the regulatory agencies essentially put that burden on the shipper.  If you think about it, it’s just like you income taxes – if your accountant makes a mistake, who takes the hit?
So, take charge of matters.  Help your freight forwarder help you by knowing what your freight forwarder needs you to know.

So please take this into kind consideration when your freight forwarder, hopefully us here at JGI, when we ask you to fill out all the documents that we are asking for and to get you to comply with all the regulations that are not new, but are being strictly enforced.  We will do what we can to make it that much easier for you, with a little bit of effort on your end this can be easier and you will sleep soundly knowing it was all within compliance of US Regulations.


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AES - Automated Export System - a program run used by the Census Bureau for filing Domestic Export is now requiring that no Social Security numbers be used for export identification.  Only EIN/TIN numbers and D-U-N-S numbers will be accepted. 

For info on this please see the AESDIRECT NEWS page.

To obtain a D-U-N-S requires registration with Dun and Bradstreet and may take 30 days to process.  This extra 30 days of registration can and will delay your shipment if not planned out properly.

Please make sure to contact a JGI representative and we will help you in navigating through this process and guide you through the shipping process.

Philippine Customs: Requirements for Donation Shipment

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Requirements for Donation Shipments:

  1. Consignee should be a non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC)
  2. Consignee should be accredited with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as non-profit organization.
  3. Copy of SEC registration with articles of incorporation and by -laws
  4. Copies of AWB/Bill of Lading, invoice and packing list properly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate at the origin.
  5. Deed of donation from shipper/donee.
  6. Deed of acceptance from consignee.
  7. Affidavit from consignee stating that items are donation shipment intended for distribution.
  8. Request letters from consignee address to the Department of Finance and DSWD.

Please contact us for any further assistance.

Free PAL airlift of donations for Ondoy victims

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Philippine Airlines will airlift for free all relief donations intended for victims of typhoon Ondoy. All provincial PAL stations will load on flights bound for Manila any bulk cargo box containing donations addressed to reputable, non-profit, charitable organizations in Manila.

The above statement is also a link to the PAL website for further details.   Thanks to PAL there is a way to get donations to and around the Philippines in a immediate manner.  The offer is mainly intended for Intra-Philippines transfer of donations, but in certain cases can be used for international movement.

Please though before jumping on this offer there are some rules and stipulations that should be addressed.  Most are listed on the PAL website, but as many will know there are those who will take advantage of this offer and also TSA will not allow shipments on PAL without the proper steps taken.

Some notable rules needed to be fulfilled prior to shipping:

  1. Shipment must be from a Non-Profit Organization to another Non-Profit Organization.
  2. Shipment must be preapproved with Philippine Customs prior to shipping.  This means address your customs brokers with full details of your shipments prior and get approval first.
  3. Approval of shipments must also be approved by PAL cargo in the US.
  4. Goods being allowed to be shipped is restricted and can be read on the PAL website and may include more than what is listed due to Goverment regulation.

These rules are only in place to make sure this is not for profit and commercial use.  Nonetheless we at JGI thank you Philippine Airlines for putting your best foot forward.