Free PAL airlift of donations for Ondoy victims

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Philippine Airlines will airlift for free all relief donations intended for victims of typhoon Ondoy. All provincial PAL stations will load on flights bound for Manila any bulk cargo box containing donations addressed to reputable, non-profit, charitable organizations in Manila.

The above statement is also a link to the PAL website for further details.   Thanks to PAL there is a way to get donations to and around the Philippines in a immediate manner.  The offer is mainly intended for Intra-Philippines transfer of donations, but in certain cases can be used for international movement.

Please though before jumping on this offer there are some rules and stipulations that should be addressed.  Most are listed on the PAL website, but as many will know there are those who will take advantage of this offer and also TSA will not allow shipments on PAL without the proper steps taken.

Some notable rules needed to be fulfilled prior to shipping:

  1. Shipment must be from a Non-Profit Organization to another Non-Profit Organization.
  2. Shipment must be preapproved with Philippine Customs prior to shipping.  This means address your customs brokers with full details of your shipments prior and get approval first.
  3. Approval of shipments must also be approved by PAL cargo in the US.
  4. Goods being allowed to be shipped is restricted and can be read on the PAL website and may include more than what is listed due to Goverment regulation.

These rules are only in place to make sure this is not for profit and commercial use.  Nonetheless we at JGI thank you Philippine Airlines for putting your best foot forward.

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