Export Compliance – Who’s Job is it Anyway?

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Recently reading an update email from an Export Compliance expert and felt I should share:

Export Compliance – Who’s Job is it Anyway

When you ship domestically, you provide some basic information to your service provider, such as number of pieces, weight, dimensions, where it’s going, etc.  And let’s not forget that hazmat information.
When shipping internationally, many exporters know their Schedule B number, but a surprising number have never even heard of an Export Control Classification Number, or ECCN, let alone know how to determine if their product requires a license.  Some freight forwards would rather not pressure their customers for this information, for fear of losing the business, and just blindly assume that a license is not required.  This is dangerous.  You could potentially be exporting without a required license.  The fine?  $250,000.  Push blame onto the forwarder?  Not likely.

Really good freight forwarders will gently question their customers.  If your freight forwarder is asking you questions like this that you don’t know how to answer, should you go to another forwarder who "just handles it"?  If so, go back to the previous paragraph.
So, just who is responsible for export information, and ultimately for export compliance?
Although their regulations vary in wording, all of the regulatory agencies essentially put that burden on the shipper.  If you think about it, it’s just like you income taxes – if your accountant makes a mistake, who takes the hit?
So, take charge of matters.  Help your freight forwarder help you by knowing what your freight forwarder needs you to know.

So please take this into kind consideration when your freight forwarder, hopefully us here at JGI, when we ask you to fill out all the documents that we are asking for and to get you to comply with all the regulations that are not new, but are being strictly enforced.  We will do what we can to make it that much easier for you, with a little bit of effort on your end this can be easier and you will sleep soundly knowing it was all within compliance of US Regulations.

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