When thinking about freight forwarding think JGI.  If you want Airfreight we want you to know that JG International Freight Corp., Inc. (JGI) was created on the foundation of Airfreight Forwarding.  This helped JGI stand apart in its ability and knowledge.

As a member of IATA/CNS and approved Freight Forwarder by the TSA, JGI can provide competitive rates and do so with the security in mind.  In regards to the TSA, JGI's team stays well informed and is updated on a regular basis on all rules and regulations.  We truly believe to in our Country's need for National Security, specifically in Airfreight, and chose to lead in it's inception rather than follow.  We will help you ship and we will do it in accordance to the Federal Regulations required by our industry.

JGI is ready and waiting to handle all shipments from AOG to Vehicles and not alienating any freight that can fit on a plane in accordance to IATA regulation.

If you are going to ship Airfreight, ship with a company that will take care of you the way your goods need to be taken care of, the right way.  Ship JGI. 

We await your contact.

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